Scenography 2004 – 2005

Scenography 2005 - 2004

Scenography for the TV Show Red Hot
[masterslider id=”105″] The TV Show Red Hot has cultural and entertaining character and it is for the teenage and young audience.

In accordance with its concept, we have prepared a scenography with small dimensions, where the circle as a structural theme is present. It has intensive colors and various forms that change directions. The scenography follows the concept of two TV presenters, a boy and a girl, that initiated us modeling the elements in pair, but also different in color, direction and direction.

Scenography for the TV Show Red Hot 2
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This is another scenography for Red Hot show. The background is neutral, there are intense color on the background and playful trajectory of movement, that gives dynamics. All vertical surfaces are treated differently for the purpose of having different view by the cameraman and have various photo and looks.